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"... Loving this program!! Learning so much, and I actually just got hired yesterday as a teacher in an Autism classroom!!!!"
Author: Amanda Stevens, Teacher

“I think your online courses are particularly well done, considering the newness of this instructional method. The presenters are all poised and versed in this method of presenting which holds the attention of the learners. They follow the PowerPoints without just reading them and have verbal expression. It’s not easy to drone on for such a long time to a video camera! This is definitely a good product!”
Author: Maureen F. Shea, School Psychologist

“...can't express enough how much I really enjoy the way the program is designed and setup. ...this program has really opened my eyes to how I can better help my son as well as work with other children in the future. I would highly recommend this ABA course and this company. They have an amazing staff ready and always available to help when needed.”
Author: Tonya Paterson, Parent / Nursing Assistant

"I am thoroughly enjoying this course so far! It has helped me so much already in these first 3 sessions! It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for the scholarship. I am indebted to you for this very useful information"
Author: Elizabeth Lopez, Community Support Specialist

"I have truly adored my experience with the ABA training course, it reached all of my expectations that I had prior to it and I truly had an optimal learning experience. Every time I had any questions there was always someone there to answer it, ever so quickly and I find that is sometimes rare to find these days. I found it to be a very accessible course, I was worried when I first signed up because it is online and I do live out of the country of where this is based but it really reassured me how quickly my emails were replied.”
Author: Gemma-Marie Petraroia, ABA Therapist

“I had the best experience taking this ABA Training Course. What I appreciated the most was the support from staff, information provided and how it allowed you to work at your own pace. After the first session, I anxiously anticipated the next and the next lesson. Before I knew it, I had completed the entire course in less than 1 month. I look forward to implementing the skills I learned not only with my place of employment but in my personal life as I have a 15 year-old son with Autism. I have been impacted by this for 15 years and honestly NOW I am able to understand the challenges/deficits my son exhibits and how to deal with them accordingly to see positive results, thanks to this training. I have already told my family members, friends and how amazing the training was that they too have become interested. I can't thank you guys enough. I am so grateful for the skills you helped me acquire. My life has been changed.”
Author: Morgan Gravely, Parent

As an Education Assistant for an Autism classroom, I found your course work very helpful in my everyday work with the students. My knowledge in Autism was enhanced by the detailed lecture especially the courses in Decreasing Behavior and Strategies to Increase Beginning Classroom Participation Skills as we have a couple of students transitioning into the classroom. Thank you for offering these learning opportunities online.
Author: Adora Hinrich, Autism EA

“Regarding the course is very informative and helpful to me. I have applied the principles at my work place and found good results. It really helped me to change problem behaviors in my clients. I'm looking forward to do such courses from special learning. Thank you."
Author: Harika Boppana, Unversity Student

"I have to say that we are all feeling so more confident in working with our Autistic, Asperger’s and ADHD kids in school already. We are working with the same goals in mind and understand everything our therapist is urging us all to do! Some of the strategies that are great for all learners are also creeping into regular classroom interactions - the Natural Environment Training is particularly meaningful for us in our inclusion program. Its been a valuable investment for our school!"
Author: Andrea Rosinger, Principal (Germany)

“I have already used most of what I have learned in my first 3 sessions when visiting my clients. This has helped the parents understand how to treat their child with ASD and how to prepare for ABA therapy interventions"
Author: Theresa Hall, Parent

showing 11 to 20 of 48 records