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"We had one of those magic moments on Friday - My assistant was working with a student and had begun the session with a 'pairing' focus. The child was very unhappy and at one point was throwing himself to the floor at which stage I asked the assistant "Are you instructing or Pairing" She replied "I'm good - I am pairing." I let them be and 5 minutes later I could hear the child laughing and responding to instructions and WOW it was so worth the effort..."
Author: Roslyn Fleay, Special Needs Center Director (Australia)

“I truly enjoyed the course and learned so many things that I was immediately able to put into practice! As an SLP in a pediatric private practice, I work with many children on the autism spectrum. Though I am not in a classroom (anymore - I used to be school-based) I found the course to be rich with strategies and tools I can use daily. I also appreciated the presentation of the research behind the methods/techniques. Knowing that there is solid research behind what I am doing is very important me. Thanks again for a great course. I am certainly more confident in the things I do with my clients!”
Author: Andrea Van Boven, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

“I work with both of my special needs sons and advocate for their needs continuously. I took the ABA Training Part 1, RBT Training, and Ethics training to learn more and help them. The courses helped me see where all the pieces and parts of ABA fit together into a bigger picture. It really crystallized things for me. I am now able to better help my sons and more easily do additional research to learn more given that I have a better grasp of the field.”
Author: Nancy L. Scimeca, Parent

“I just took the ABA training course - absolutely fantastic. Gave me such insight to how ABA, DTT training, etc works. Customer Service is absolutely fantastic! is my "GO TO" place for Autism, ABA Education - I no longer need to look any further!”
Author: Cheri Candelor, Paraprofessional

“…this was my first online class and I was delighted. I learned more than I did in my whole master's program. I fully endorse everything you are doing.”
Author: Anna Horr-Huguenin, Teacher

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about ABA practices and methodologies when working with students on the autism spectrum. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and provided an abundance of resource materials for further research. The video clips embedded throughout the sessions were pertinent and modeled appropriate strategies. Feedback from the Special Learning staff was timely and professional. What else can I say? It is a wonderful value for the money.”
Author: Eileen Ouellette, BCBA

“I am an social educator in Iceland. I live in a small fishing village and have been working in a kindergarten and mostly been working with children with autism. For the last 4 years, I have been working with ABA. I found that it was difficult to get better education in ABA, so I began to browse the internet to find more information and to learn more about ABA. I found the special learning site, and have since completed ABA 1 and ABA 2. These courses have helped me a lot in my work. I also have access to the library and I can browse there when I need. It is very good to have access to your site for training and information.”
Author: Hlíf Hrólfsdóttir, Social Educator (Iceland)

“I found it very informative and I think ALL special education teachers should be required to take it. It opened my eyes to ways special needs students could be included in the regular ed population, how to decrease problem behaviors that I previously felt hopeless in dealing with, and what reinforcement really looks like. Thank you.”
Author: Erin Berthold, SPED Teacher

“Thank you! Thanks to that course I am completing almost a year and a half at Love2Learn Consulting, was recently certified as an RBT, and am well into a Master's In ABA. None of this would have been possible without Special Learning. I am very grateful and a huge admirer.”
Author: Joseph Seagraves, RBT

"The first session was great! Even though I am experienced in autism" having a foster child on the sever end of the spectrum, I still learned a lot. I look forward to continue my learning over the next 8 weeks."
Author: Chantal Beaton, Foster Parent

showing 1 to 10 of 48 records