Karin Torsiello, MS, BCBA

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Name: Karin Torsiello
Role / Credential: MS, BCBA
Special Learning’s Designation: Panelist for Ethics Code in Action: Ethics of Medicaid Fraud
Company Name: Behavior Basics, Incorporated
Company URL: www.behaviorbasicsinc.com
Ability to Contribute: Behavior Basics, Incorporated is a dynamic and diversified provider agency with foundations in applied behavior analysis and dedicated to providing high-quality services to children and families.

Karin Torsiello is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is the President of Behavior Basics Incorporated, a consulting firm in Florida, and is the Director of Operations for Advantage Behavioral Group. Karin has also worked as a Behavior Analyst for 3 consulting firms and served on the faculty of the University of South Florida for seven years as the Senior Behavior Analyst with the Behavior Analysis Services Program, in partnership with the Department of Children and Families. Karin’s role includes supervising a team of behavior analysts who provided direct services to families who were experiencing behavior issues with their children; these cases often times involved children with mental health issues or developmental disabilities. Karin was also responsible for curriculum development and revision, research activities specific to parent trainings and providing trainings for caregiver’s in the community. Karin has also developed behavior management programs for local group homes and mental health facilities.

Karin’s current roles include: curriculum development for parent training, conducting behavior management trainings for parents, for teenage mothers and for prisoners awaiting re-entry into the community, providing in-home consultation services for caregivers and children, consultation with multi-disciplinary committees to review cases of children who are displaying maladaptive behaviors and training of graduate students pursuing certification as a behavior analyst.

Karin has co-authored and directed the parenting education series “The Secrets of Modern Parenting”. This DVD series has been sold worldwide and is used by many professionals and parents with success every day.

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