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Is there any limit to how long I can receive coverage with regards to the ECHO program of TRICARE?
No. The only limitation is how much will be paid each year, which is up to $36,000.

If I have more than one child with autism, will the ECHO program of Tricare cover them as well?
Yes. There are families that have multiple children with autism. Each child is afforded $36,000 per year when enrolled in the ECHO program of Tricare.

How can I be sure my child doesn’t have autism? He is showing some of the signs.
If you are observing suspected signs of Autism it is strongly advised to have your child checked by his/her pediatrician, who in turn can refer your child to a specialist. There are specialists such speech therapist, occupational therapists and child psychiatrists that have been formal trained to evaluate your child if autism is suspected.

My son displays some of the warning signs, but not all the time; is it autism?
Only a professional certified in autism behavior can determine/diagnose if your child has autism. to free you of any worry it is best to consult your child\'s pediatrician.

Do all children with autism need to be sedated when having a dental procedure done?
No, not all children diagnosed with autism need to go under sedation when having a dental procedure done. Sedation is recommended for those children who are highly anxious and apprehensive. Children who are capable of cooperating, communication and understanding may be done without sedation as long as the risk of accidental injuries during the procedure is not a concern.

Why does my child need to refrain from eating anything 6 to 8 hours prior to the sedation?
The nothing per orem (NPO) or nothing by mouth diet is prescribed for a child who is undergoing dental sedation because the aspiration or reflux of gastric contents during the procedure needs to be avoided.

showing 1 to 6 of 290 records