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Autism is an immense global condition. Special Learning has the courage, strength and wherewithal to tackle this problem. We believe that this is our social responsibility. Together we can make a difference.

Karen Chung, CEO and founder



We are Special Learning. We are passionate about changing the lives of people with Autism and other special needs through our exceptional educational suite of solutions for the special needs community.

Our expertise in using leading edge technology platforms allows us to effectively deliver our educational products and services around the world without geographical limitations. Using technology we globally access and meet the needs of people in under-served markets.

We apply clinically proven ABA principles to everything that we create, so we can deliver a best in class suite of solutions that work to make lives better in the special needs community.

Special Learning’s comprehensive line of teaching and training solutions, including digital teaching kits, training webcasts, mobile apps, teaching supports and virtual consulting services, inform, educate and empower parents, teachers and providers in implementing effective teaching and treatment practices for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Special Learning Team

Karen ch

Karen Chung, CEO and Founder

Karen Chung obtained her bachelor's degree in accounting from Northern Illinois University and master's degree in Business Management from Northwestern University. In 2010, she founded Special Learning, Inc., a company dedicated to becoming the global leader for autism, special needs and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) solutions by leveraging technology as educational resources. As an entrepreneur and investor, Karen has had active involvement over the past 15 years in several businesses in diverse industries including executive search, investment banking, real estate development and high-end retail.

Karen is native of South Korea. She is an active speaker and advocate on the area of providing access to quality resources to the international behavior analysis community and parents of children with autism and other special needs in all part of the world. In partnership with experts in the area of autism intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), she passionate about prompting exceptional ethical practices among practitioners who provide autism intervention through standardization of services, rigorous global credentialing standards, training and other quality resources.

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Karen ch

Andrei Lisouski
Development Team Leader

Andrey received his bachelor's degree in computer science from Grodno State University. Born and raised in Belarus, Andrey has utilized his more than ten years of experience in web development while serving the needs of companies such as...

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Karen ch

Manya Ralkowski EdS, BCBA, LBA, IBA
Chief Clinical Officer

Manya has been practicing in the field of applied behavior analysis for over 25 years. Her training began under direct education and training from consultants from the Lovaas Clinic in Los Angeles while completing her bachelor of arts in Communication Disorders with endorsements in special education and psychology at Western Washington University.

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Karen ch

Sasho Gachev
Creative Director

Sasho Gachev received his bachelor's degree in graphic design from The National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. As the head of the Special Learning design team, Sasho has contributed his knowledge, expertise and experience in creative design to produce high-quality products and collateral to represent...

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Karen ch

Michelle Capulong
Client Support Lead

Michelle, born and raised in the Philippines, holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts. Client support is an integral part of Special Learning's value proposition, as Client Support Lead, Michelle is responsible for making sure that lines of communication between customers and Special Learning service teams are open at all...

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