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Must Have Social Skills

Remember the first time you interviewed for a job? What did you wear? What did you say when greeting people? How early did you arrive, 10, 15, or even 30 minutes early? How did you know what to say versus what not to say during the interview? Were you nervous, scared, or even confident? This is just one example of hundreds of social situations we learn about, or are expected to somehow intuitively understand how to handle as we enter into adulthood. For persons with autism we know the intuitive ability to understand is not truly intuitive. A person with autism and Asperger's syndrome "will require learning the unwritten rules of social culture, basically by rote. One by one, she must add each to a database of information so she can try to say and do the appropriate things at the appropriate times" (Hawkins 2004, p. 69). Preparing for social situations we attempt during adulthood, such as an interview, requires exactly that - preparation. When analyzing the above scenario further, we identify there are several cognitive processes required such as planning, understanding consequences of your actions, discriminating what is acceptable in that specific situation versus what is not, and more. We will both identify these necessary skills and look at strategies to incorporate in teaching both early on in treatment years before transition, as well as in the moment as one is preparing for a specific social experience, as social performance during a job interview is only one area of consideration. This recorded webcast will total 120 minutes with a review of theory, practice and methodology designed for teachers, paraprofessionals, job coaches, counselors, BCABA's and BCBA's working with person's with autism and/or supervising direct treatment staff, and other professionals working with adolescents and/or adults with autism, Asperger's and related disorders. For more information, go to: or email us at