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Special Learning videos give you access to tips, information, news and more on anything related to Autism Spectrum Disorder and ABA! Our entire library provides parents, providers, and educators with engaging content to keep them well-informed of ways that ABA treatment is changing the lives of individuals with Autism!

Use of Preference Assessments in Applied Settings

This 60-minute recorded webcast provides an overview of the use of preference assessments in applied settings with individuals with developmental disabilities. The use of reinforcement is vital when acquiring, maintaining, and eliminating operant behaviors (Pace et al.,1985). However, identifying the preferences and reinforcers of individuals with severe intellectual disabilities can be challenging. Researchers have recently examined the methodological rigor of preference assessments and several studies have demonstrated the results of preference assessments to be effective at identifying reinforcers (DeLeon & Iwata, 1996; Fisher et al., 1992). For these reasons, training direct care staff in how to conduct preference assessments is important (Roscoe & Fisher, 2008). This presentation will provide a brief review of the literature on preference assessments and discuss different formats and various stimuli used. Following, a demonstration on how to conduct the multiple-stimulus without replacement (MSWO) preference assessment will be provided, walking you through how to collect stimuli, implement the assessment, and score the results. Additionally, we will review how to use the results as part of your planning and treatment. For more information, go to: or email us at