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Welcome to Special Learning's Video Library!

Special Learning videos give you access to tips, information, news and more on anything related to Autism Spectrum Disorder and ABA! Our entire library provides parents, providers, and educators with engaging content to keep them well-informed of ways that ABA treatment is changing the lives of individuals with Autism!

Transition in Practice Series with Dr. Peter Gerhardt: Planning for Transition (Middle School to High School)

Series Overview: Our multi-part series, presented by Dr. Peter Gerhardt and guest panelists, will cover critical elements adolescents and adults with autism, as well as parents, teachers and professionals involved in shaping their future, will face during major transition phases. This webinar series will focus on providing attendees with practical and actionable information and related tools that can be implemented immediately after each webinar. We will launch the series by providing a broad framework of how to create a life plan that starts with the end goal of creating independence. Subsequent sessions will delve deeper into the actual planning and implementation required to bring that goal to reality. The first session in this series, Planning for Transition (Middle School and High School Transitions) explored these following areas: 1. Review the Transition Framework Model 2. Identify main transition phases and benefits of developing and implementing a high level transition life plan 3. Discuss main considerations to address during Middle School and High School Transition 4. How to plan for transition from Middle School to High School, including what needs to be addressed? When? By whom? 5. Identify appropriate timeframe to change focus from academic to independent living skills and identification of critical skills 6. Benefits of identifying and incorporating daily living skills during early intervention (elementary school) 7. Discuss the key elements of a well written transition IEP and how to run an effective IEP meeting For more information on the full video please visit: