Managing Autism Journey - Treatments

Special Learning understands the needs of parents that have a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Whether there is just the suspicion of a disorder or the child has already been diagnosed, our Managing Autism Journey provides a number of helpful resources that can help parents make well informed decisions for their child. Special Learning aims to relieve the stress parents and the whole family endures from not knowing what to do, where to go for support, or not knowing what their options are.

Managing Autism Journey is divided into three stages:

Diagnosis - Funding - Treatment

Treatment is the third stage of Managing Autism Journey. Our aim is to guide you through the different treatment approaches for your child within the autism spectrum disorder.

Step 1 - Learning about Autism Treatments
This step will simplify the complex treatment options that are currently available for your child with ASD. You will be informed about the real facts and misconceptions regarding different autism treatments.

Step 2 - Types of Treatments
Each treatment available for the autism spectrum disorder will be explained to help you to make an informed decision on which treatment is best for your child's needs.

Step 3 - Forming a Team
Guidelines and additional information on how to form the right team of providers for your child's interventions.

Step 4 - Bringing Treatment into Your Home Autism interventions shouldn't be just at the therapy clinics or schools, knowing how to continue treatment at home is vital your child's progress. Managing Autism Journey will guide you in using Special Learning Products at home for continuous treatment.

Step 5 - Monitoring Progress Know the correct and easiest ways to manage the progress of your child's development.