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“I am a speech language pathologist and audiologist and I thought of following ABA course because, useful for specially autism kids to overcome their behavior problems. Thanking you”
Author: Nethmi Sandunika Amarasinghe, SLP

“I am a special education teacher and I believe that if I have a better understanding of ABA then I will be more prepared to meet the needs of my students. I took the first ABA course with you and I found the training very helpful, so it seemed like the logical step was to take the second part of the course.”
Author: Michele Savarese, SPED Teacher

“The short course was informative and would definitely be back to take other courses if ever I would be needing more.”
Author: Mckaye Lacap

“I find the course to be informative and beneficial to my personal and professional knowledge and learning. I have also heard from my (university) students with regards to how much they enjoyed the course. Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback.”
Author: Elizabeth Mcphee, University Professor

“I found the course material very interesting and informative. I have learned a lot from it and I have started applying what o have learned with my 10 year-old son who is on the spectrum. I am looking forward to further my studies with Special Learning.”
Author: Tanya Bezzina, Parent

“…sincere thanks for the program. It was really informative and interesting. The presentation and power points were clear and precise.”
Author: Nisa Moidu, Volunteering in Psychology

I loved the course (Level 3) it was a very good summary for me, but I also learned a lot of new concepts and ideas concerning implementation of different techniques. I found homework part very useful and prefer this form of accessing skills, compared to multiple choice tests. And I cannot wait for more training possibilities with Special Learning!
Author: Kinga M. Coubard, Ph.D

This was the best supervision period I had by far! I have learned so much from my supervisor! She cared for the areas that I wanted to cover in the BCBA task list and took every effort to ensure that the execution of our plans stayed in cue. I’m very thankful that I’ve been introduced to the Special- Learning site. It will always have a place on my toolbar!
Author: Latisha Humphries, BCBA

showing 41 to 48 of 48 records