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“I enjoyed the ABA Online course. I would definitely consider taking future courses.”
Author: Maura Crowley, Paraprofessional SPED

“It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this course. I have honestly learnt so much and cannot wait to apply some the strategies I have learned. This course has fueled my desire to become a Certified Behavioral Analyst.”
Author: Chezelle La Borde, Play worker for children with special needs

“Thank you very much. I am looking forward to ABA level 2 which I am currently signed up and hopefully ABA level 3. I am very satisfied with the way the modules are presented and the tests that follows. I find it is more satisfying to study online then in a regular workshop because retention is better and the focus is there plus you can take it anytime you are free and relaxed. I also appreciate the references noted at the end of each presentation. I am a very happy client and looking forward to more programs in the future.”
Author: Fedelynne Joy Bengay, SPED Teacher

“Thank you very much for my certificate. I indeed found the course informative and equally challenging at times. It was a great learning experience and I truly took away a lot of information from it.”
Author: Khamiya Nisbett-Parris

“I love the easy accessibility of the training course as well as how easy it is to understand. I find myself having a better understanding in my other classes as well. I am really enjoying this course.”
Author: Lauryn Small

“I really enjoyed this course. It was very thorough and well presented. I would have preferred to have a workbook to work along with rather than printing off pages, but other than that I thought it was very well done and incredibly educating. Thanks”
Author: Erin Cotie, University Student

"Frankly speaking it's not only an incentive to go ahead and learn more with each of the post test rather it is very helpful for us. Although I have already studied lot of things while I was teaching my child but keeping in touch with sessions of special learning made my concepts more clear and most of my confusions were settled. People like me who are eager to know solutions of their child behavior and have potential to learn, find this program a blessing. It is worthy in all its contents.”
Author: Dr. Aniqa Haider, Parent/Child Specialist (Pakistan)

“I decided to take a course on ABA because I wanted to know more on how to work with him, cause really there is no professional services for him over here, the parents here are mostly on their own. I am very happy I found your training course! It's awesome! I am learning a lot of new things and I am also seeing so many mistakes I have been doing while working with my son. I also have a lot of references that I can go to look for more answers. Thank you so much for everything!”
Author: Anna Lopareva, Parent (Russia)

“I am a developmental services worker and I am currently working on expanding my knowledge and become well known with autism and the strategies available. Not only will I be working in an environment within the community but I also have family and friends with autistic children and they've benefitted from the little amount of ideas I've offered this far through special learning and ABA. I have found special learning to be a great online educational source. I am very thrilled with the individuals running it as well as how easy navigation is.”
Author: Corinna Bradley, Developmental Services Worker

“I am an SLP in private practice. I decided to take your course after receiving an email. I am really glad I did! I have always wanted to learn more about ABA, and now that I am learning more I find the principles very useful for speech therapy!”
Author: Julie Barcelos, SLP

showing 31 to 40 of 48 records