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“I found it a really great course. I am studying post grad in Autism Studies and we only had an intro to ABA so it has enriched those studies also. I have a little boy on the spectrum and I hope to incorporate what I have learned here, to address some of his challenges...”
Author: Rebecca Poulsen, University Student

“It was helpful to go through the course and allowing us to pace ourselves through the courses. The video examples were mostly helpful with the presenter explaining before and after viewing what we were looking for in each segment...All in all, the content of this online course was of excellent quality..."
Author: Agnes Hwang, SLP

“I learned so much from the ABA course. I am providing a better service for my clients with and without ASD. The teaching methods are now a part of my educating children and youth mental health clients. I recommend this course to parents and schools who have children with special needs.”
Author: Elizabeth Lopez, Case Manager

“I found the techniques and methods suggested to be very valuable in my work and as I took 2 months to complete the course, I was able to use these in practice.”
Author: Linzi Anne Allcock, Teacher

“I enjoyed the course. It was very informative, educational and very well presented. I do feel that I learned a great deal from the course. Ms. LaMarche did an amazing job presenting the course, as well as the other two speakers that were a part of some sections. Overall, the Online Special Learning Course was everything I expected and more.”
Author: Maja Nikolov, Parent

“I'm really happy about the service that you are doing. Actually I learned how to take ABA therapy. This online course is 100% worth for me and I would like to thank you for sharing the therapy techniques with all over the world.”
Author: Sumali Karunarathne, University Student

“The ABA online course was well organized and it was really useful to treat kids with Autism. I learned many things regarding Autistic kids and how to treat them. I am thankful to you, in order of giving me this opportunity to get along and complete this online course. It was really worth and I am looking forward for many courses as this :) thank you once again :)”
Author: Muzaina Munas, 3rd BSLPA

“I just completed the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 20 hour course on line. I found it challenging, comprehensive and thorough. My only regret is that I didn't take it while I was a full time special education teacher. I'm now retired and embarking on a career in Early Intervention. I'm "armed and ready" to do what I can for my students. I definitely recommend this course to all special education teachers.”
Author: Jo-Ann Demas, Special Educator

“This is a fast paced and very detailed course, sure to be of help to anyone working in the field. The staff are very helpful and allowed me to work around my busy schedule to complete the course. Highly recommended!”
Author: Jan Lister Caldwell, Executive Director

“I just loved the whole course so much. Every session was delivered in such a precise way that was so easy to fathom. Loved the last two sessions in particular because of video examples for each strategy. It became much easy by then.”
Author: Nida Sadar, Parent

showing 21 to 30 of 48 records