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77 blog avatar Lyre Fribourg, Psychologist, PhD, BCBA-D
Name: Lyre Fribourg
Role / Credential: Psychologist, PhD, BCBA-D
Special Learning’s Designation: Panelist for Psychopharmacology
Company Name: University of California, Los Angeles
Company URL:
Ability to Contribute:Dr. Lyre Fribourg is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She balances her work schedule between her private practice in Los Angeles, California, and a staff psychologist position

at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics clinic. Providers of Healthcare or education serving the needs of individuals with Autism or other special needs encounter medication-related issues on a daily basis. Virtually every professional (and parents) understand that medication plays a significant factor in a person’s ability to function and make progress, but very few possess sufficient levels of knowledge to make informed decisions when providing services to children, adolescents, and adults receiving medication. This lack of knowledge is even more pronounced when dealing with co-morbid conditions. SL Global’s Psychopharmacology series, with Dr. Ronald T. Brown and Dr. Debbie Coehlo is designed to provide educators, healthcare providers, and parents with a comprehensive understanding of psychopharmacology and its impact on various childhood disorders. This series will start with a comprehensive overview of medication and childhood disorders. Subsequent modules will provide a deeper understanding of psychopharmacology as it pertains to a specific condition.

She enjoys working in an interdisciplinary team and values collaboration with physicians when it comes to diagnosing and treating children. She leads a parent group for newly diagnosed families of children with autism and provides group parenting classes to families of young children. For more than 25 years, Dr. Fribourg has worked with children with neurodevelopmental disorders, and their families in homes, schools, and communities. Additionally, she has shown her commitment to educating other professionals in the field through professional development workshops about behavior management in schools and presenting at annual conventions for behavior analysts. Outside of her practice, she loves spending time with her husband and children, who give her yet another perspective on the challenges that come with parenting children.

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