The Special Learning site is designed to be your one-stop guide to all of the issues related to your child's Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by offering you critical information. The navigation of the Special Learning site is designed to provide you with easy access to any particular information storage areas, products and resources, as well as community network areas.

From our Home Page you can navigate to a number of information sections through our top Nav Bar. Here you can learn more about our business, our services, and find links to areas of the site that provide you directly with the pertinent information that you need. The Special Learning site has been designed to fit along our two primary objectives:

(1) to present parents useful, actionable information to develop a thorough, long-term, well-conceived education      and treatment plan; and
(2) the tools, resources, and contacts to execute on your child's plan.

We firmly believe that our objectives address some of the most critical needs that the Autism community and individual families are now facing. Special Learning's website features our principle service, the Journey to Recovery guide. You will find links to the Managing Autism Journey section throughout the site. From there you can choose to enter along the path at any stage you like through the general processes of Diagnosis, Funding, and Treatment. Our Journey to Recovery guide is designed as a step-wise, comprehensive overview that provides you with information, resources, and contacts at each and every operation you undertake with your child's treatment plan development.

In our Parent's Home , you will be able to join other community members through our Forum/Ask the Experts. We believe that a strong community is the best means to providing you with critical, pertinent information. One of our central goals is develop our community of parents, service providers, educators, and sector experts to deliver to you the unique benefit of the very latest sector resources. Likewise, our Provider's Home and Educator's Home offer professional in the fields of service provision and education to interact with our community, and also keep abreast of the latest sector developments.

Our Store is your one stop shop to all of your Autism product home and school needs. Our Special Learning tools, toys, books, and games are designed specifically with children with ASD in mind, and there you can learn more about all of the fun ways you can help your children learn.

You can also visit our Resource Center, which is the Special Learning information and resource archive. Like a library, you can search and browse through our Resource Center to find the exact web-based tools and information areas pertinent to your topic of interest. If you ever get overwhelmed or lost in the information to our site, you can always use our Resource Center to take a step back, recollect, download, or print out all available resources you have learned about a particular topic on the Journey to Recovery.

Remember, this Site is designed for you to learn at a pace in a way that is most effective to you. Take your time and please look around. We are always available to offer you any help, and to try and address any particular questions and concerns you may have with the content. Our goal is to help you and your family make the informed choices to reach your child's highest potential.