As a care and service provider to children with autism and their families, Special Learning's providers' section is your access point to our Autism community. At Special Learning, our core belief is that empowering parents with current, actionable knowledge is crucial to making important decisions about their children's future and well-being. Special Learning has been designed as an information portal that will guide both parents of newly diagnosed children and parents of children already on a treatment plan, to keep all community members up to date with developing research and news.

    Your experience and expertise in the field of Autism service puts you on the frontline of assisting individuals and families with ASDs. You are a crucial aspect of our developing network. We know that each family has a unique set of circumstances and needs, but we strongly believe that organizing and presenting information in a clear and easy-to-understand format provides significant value to the global autism community; and that we are doing that together with you.

    Please start-up your personal Special Learning account. By joining Special Learning, you can access Special Learning's latest eLearning Resource and Tools, participate in Forum discussions and Providers' Blogs, and develop your personal service profile.

    For autism service providers, Special Learning offers all of the products available to parents:

    • Mobile Applications with ongoing updates

    • Special Learning eLearning that teaches your clients to implement ABA education at home

    • Learning Kits which are collections of products that work together using ABA methodology

    • Enhanced insurance and funding listings

    • eBooks

    • ABA Instruction Kits

    • Lesson Plans and Other Resources to Support ABA Instruction Kits

    • Virtual ABA Therapy homework for your clients

    • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) eLearning Certification Program (in partnership with accredited university)

    • Virtual ABA Therapy Services (eligible for government reimbursement)

    • Augmentive and Assistive Communication Device (eligible for government reimbursement)

    • ABA Implementation Consulting Services (focused on establishing ABA in foreign countries)

    • Autism (Behavioral) Network (lease provider network to local and regional insurances companies - Per Member Per Month (PMPM )pricing model.

    In addition to all of the products Special Learning develops with your professional practice in mind, we offer you a multitude of exceptional free services

    • ABA Provider Training

    • Training services to help you become a preferred provider of Tricare

    • Resource Center

    • Databases

    • Webinars

    • Videos

    • Ask the Experts Forum

    • Downloadable Tools

    • Data and progress repository (virtual location to share records with medical professionals, ABA Consultants, therapists, etc),

    • And new services under ongoing development