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Special Learning Launches Its New “Innovators in Autism" Program by Partnering with THE SUCCESS BOX


Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

Special Learning Inc., a global leader in providing digital training and educational solutions to the autism and special needs community, has announced the launch of a new program called ‘Innovators in Autism’ which aims to support small and start-up entrepreneurs who create new tools and products to help children with autism. Coinciding with this launch, Special Learning has announced the addition to its product line of THE SUCCESS BOX, invented by Karen Sadler, M.Ed, LBS I, of First and Then Communication LLC.

According to Special Learning Inc’s co-founder and CEO, Karen Chung, “We are proud to work with Karen Sadler as our first partner under the new program. Karen is exactly the kind of entrepreneur we had in mind when we envisioned ‘Innovators in Autism’, and we are confident this program will increase visibility for THE SUCCESS BOX while adding to the quality products Special Learning is known for.”

THE SUCCESS BOX is an organizational system for visual supports such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) cards, token economy materials and flashcards. It comes with an extensive set of visual support materials but allows users to add their own unique aids and customize the system to fit the needs of the children being worked with. What makes THE SUCCESS BOX different from other visual support products is that instead of using binders and plastic flip pages, the visual supports are kept in rigid poly bags with tabbed tops that allow users to find the appropriate materials in one glance and to reorganize the materials at any time according to changing needs.

According to Sadler, who worked with visual supports in a facility for 10 years, necessity was the mother of invention for THE SUCCESS BOX. “It started as a project to create a tool that promoted dedicated and consistent use of visual supports. It became a tool that relieved stress for the students and the staff, while promoting successful communication. Soon, it was more than a product. It was a mission; a way to employ students with disabilities and a way to return the proceeds to help further organizations within the special needs community.”

As part of that mission, Sadler teamed up with the Easter Seals Adult Vocational Program to offer young autistic men meaningful work assembling the product. In addition, all proceeds are returned directly to organizations such as The Autism Program.

As part of the ‘Innovators in Autism’ program, Special Learning Inc. will also be hosting a monthly "Entrepreneurs in Autism" group. This membership organization will meet monthly via telecom to discuss issues and share advice. “For many new entrepreneurs, launching a business presents unfamiliar challenges, both in business and in life. Our aim is to provide support by allowing entrepreneurs to learn from others who may have gone through or who may be going through similar business and life situations,” explained Karen Chung, who will host the events.

Founded in 2010, Special Learning is a global network that provides training, assistive tools and educational solutions to the autism and special needs community through its website, The company is passionate about changing the lives of people with Autism and other special needs by helping teachers, parents and service providers with exceptional resources based on clinically proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and methodologies. ABA therapy provides a proven track record of results that more subjectively administrated therapies cannot match.

Special Learning’s comprehensive line of teaching and training solutions include digital teaching kits, training webcasts, mobile apps, teaching supports and virtual consulting services. They work to inform, educate and empower parents, teachers and providers in implementing effective teaching and treatment practices. ‘Innovators of Autism’ is their latest project designed to support the Autism and special needs community.

For media inquiries regarding ‘Innovators of Autism’ individuals are encouraged to contact ldedios(at)special-learning(dot)com or serames(at)special-learning(dot)com. Follow Special Learning on Facebook and Twitter.