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Special Learning, Inc. Releases its First Issue of “Touch Technology News,” a Publication Providing Expert Reviews and Articles on Mobile Technology and Apps for Individuals Affected by Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities


Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) February 08, 2013

Special Learning, Inc., the leading global provider of mobile technology applications and educational resources for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), announced today the launch of Touch Technology News, a premier monthly publication that provides parents, providers and educators with information to make knowledgeable decisions about using and purchasing touch technology for individuals with special needs.

Touch Technology News delivers up-to-date news, reviews, articles and insight about the industry of touch technology, including the impact that devices and mobile apps have on educating individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities. The newsletter creates a gateway for the spread of knowledge about mobile technologies developed for individuals with special needs and how touch technologies can benefit the special needs community.

The newsletter’s multi-disciplinary expert clinical team and its industry-based contributors compile the latest studies, trends and statistics available to educate subscribers through a monthly e-newsletter and interactive website,

“The vision of Touch Technology News is to provide users and facilitators of touch technologies with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions on the purchase and use of mobile devices and apps for individuals with special needs,” said Karen Chung, founder and chief executive officer of Special Learning.

Special Learning aligned with several strategic partners including Step By Step, Inc., ABA Solutions, LLC, and Apps for Children with Special Needs to launch, develop, publish and bring Touch Technology News to the market.

The newsletter was created in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Touch Technology Conference, a first of its kind technology conference scheduled for fall 2013. No other conference or industry event exists like the Touch Technology Conference, which allows conference goers to assemble and work collaboratively to close the gap between the special needs community, including professionals, educators, and parents; technology developers and device manufacturers; and leading universities pushing boundaries with the progression and expansion of evidence-based mobile devices and applications.

”Through the conference and newsletter, a main priority will be to develop protocols for creating a standardized way for apps to be classified, meaning users can more easily find apps they are searching for,” said Chung. “Currently, there is no standardized classification for apps. With a market-wide classification system in place, users will be able to easily find and purchase apps to meet their specific needs.”

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