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Special Learning, Inc. Expands its Support for Educators through its New Give Back to Schools Program


Chicago, IL October 18, 2012

Special Learning, Inc., the leading global provider of mobile technology applications and educational resources for the autism community, announced today two new initiatives designed to increase its support of school districts, both in the US and internationally. In recognition of the sustained commitment of educators in assisting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities to have fulfilling lives, Special Learning has launched the Special Learning Give Back Program, an incentive-based initiative designed to show its support of educational entities that purchase Special Learning products for use in the classroom.

The Special Learning Give Back Program was created to acknowledge the efforts of school faculty and administrators in providing educational excellence through the use of Special Learning products and services in their teaching strategies to change the lives of the individuals that they work with. Special Learning will donate 10 percent of each transaction made by educational entities on the purchase of Special Learning products back to the purchasing entity.

To implement this program, Special Learning has created a new web portal to provide easy access for educators to find the necessary resources and tools to continue helping students achieve superior outcomes in education and independence. The products and services contained in this new web portal were specifically designed to be used by students with ASD while in the classroom. Purchases made through this portal will qualify for the 10 percent donation back to the school district.

“Special Learning receives a great deal of support for its products from educators who seek highly effective tools to teach their students with ASD and other developmental disabilities,” said Karen Chung, founder and president of Special Learning. “Through our give back program, we believe we are looking to further support and show our commitment to our educational clients who work to provide the very best opportunities for students using the latest technology applications and resources.”

Through Special Learning’s new web portal, hundreds of resources and tools are accessible to guide educators in helping their students achieve the best possible outcomes, including:

  • ABA Curriculum Learning System - Teach students with ASD more effectively using our comprehensive ABA curriculum model. Learn the understanding of basic ABA programming, principles and procedures, including the foundational skills necessary to ensure proper implementation.
  • Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) Classroom Programs - Provide the necessary supports to mainstream students into the traditional classroom environment.
  • Educator Teaching Series - Learn how to implement effective programming in all classroom settings for children with ASD or other developmental disabilities.
  • Instructor Training Series - Obtain comprehensive training on ABA procedures and implementation through recorded webcast formats.
  • ComApp3 - Mobile technology tool to support educators in helping children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other language disabilities to communicate their basic need and wants.

Special Learning’s objective is to provide educators with the best resources and tools developed around the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based approach proven to be the most effective at teaching individuals with ASD. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solution-based products and services, developed by skilled ABA practitioners, to inform, educate and empower educators and caregivers to implement highly-effective ABA programming in education.

For more information about Special Learning, its new web portal for educators or its Give Back Program, visit

About Special Learning
Special Learning is the leading global provider of autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) solutions. Special Learning designs mobile applications and educational resources based on clinical evidence-based research to ensure that every person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is capable of attaining an abundant and fulfilling life. Through its comprehensive web portal, Special Learning provides the global autism community with a range of ABA training and educational products, web-based and downloadable tools and professional services to empower parents, teachers and providers so that they can help individuals with autism move up the skills spectrum intuitively, successfully and affordably. Follow Special Learning on Facebook,, and Twitter,!/speciallearning.