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Special Learning, Inc. Introduces Visual Schedules to Aid Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Chicago, Illinois July 31, 2012

Special Learning Inc., the leading global provider in adaptive technology applications and educational resources used in teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is releasing a new product, Visual Schedules. These downloadable graphic organizers can be used in many different environments to help children with ASD and other developmental disabilities (DD) transition between activities, structure independent work, and manage downtime.

Visual schedules provide an adaptive platform that can be customized for any child’s needs and cognitive level. They are an easily accessible and portable way of teaching children with ASD and DD how to stay focused on a series of tasks, thus allowing them to function more effectively in everyday settings. Visual schedules can vary in format based on the user’s own level of understanding. They may utilize pictures, text or both to facilitate the greatest level of understanding and independence for the user.

The goal of a visual schedule is to provide a concrete roadmap of how to complete sequential tasks, cope with downtime, and handle schedule changes that a child might face which may otherwise cause stress, anxiety or discomfort. By learning how to respond to these situations and follow a schedule more closely with structure and concrete expectations, children with ASD and DD will improve their abilities to transition through their day more successfully.

Each visual schedule specifically targets a task that children must complete as a part of their daily routine. Steps are outlined in a clear, concise format. The schedule is equipped with detailed directions to assemble the visual schedule, and all schedules come with a comprehensive instruction booklet that will direct the parent, provider or educator on how to successfully implement the schedule with the user.

As part of the Visual Schedules series, Special Learning is introducing four titles:

  • Getting ready for school
  • Getting ready for class
  • Getting ready for bed
  • Brushing teeth

Each visual schedule download is available for $9.99. Additional titles will be available in the near future. Using visual schedules as a teaching tool in conjunction with other ABA techniques and procedures will strengthen any child’s home or school based program.

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About Special Learning, Inc.
Special Learning is the leading global provider of autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) solutions, designing mobile applications and educational resources based on clinical evidence-based research to ensure that every person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder is capable of attaining an abundant and fulfilling life. Through its comprehensive web portal, Special Learning provides the global autism community with a range of ABA training and educational products, web-based and downloadable tools, and professional services to empower parents, teachers and providers so that they can help individuals with autism move up the skills spectrum intuitively, successfully and affordably.