No matter what your schedule is, no matter the extent of your budget, no matter your own experience or capabilities, learning ABA Therapy will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to help your child learn critical skills in

    • Communication
    • Daily Living
    • Pre-academics, and
    • Good Behaviour

    How will our eLearning program help you?

    • It recognizes that every child is different.

    • It naturally fits your child's own educational program and needs.

    • It provides a step-by-step guidance to parents, helping you methodically engage your child throughout the process.

    • Based on how your child responds to lessons, the eLearning program also responds:

      1. It provides feedback for adjusting lesson plans based on how your child is performing. In this way it accounts for his or her individual learning needs.
      2. The program collects data that will be shared with your consultant and other
      3. Administrators of the eLearning program, which will help give you guidance from Special Learning professionals.

    • Our eLearning system is compatible with you, giving consideration to your unique schedule, budget, experience, and capabilities.

    • It allows you to teach your child in his or her own environment.

    • It gives you tips that help you to maintain your child's new skills, identify regression, and detect new problem behaviors more easily.

    Why should I be confident in this eLearning program?

    • The program is based on Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy, which is widely successful and time-tested. ABA is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Surgeon General.

    • We employ the techniques of Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS), developed by Dr. James W. Partington and Dr. Mark L. Sundberg.

    • The eLearning program was developed by Special Learning Co-founder and Program Developer Michelle LaMarche, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has spent over 16 years working with individuals who are living with Autism. She has also spent many years developing ABA programs, including the program for her own school, the Step By Step Academy.

    • At Special Learning, we provide you with a way to make all the issues relating to your child's ASD manageable and easily understood. We are here to help you tell your story, so that your child will benefit from the utmost, fully-invested treatment programs available. Our company name refers just as much to the education that you as a parent of a child with Autism receive throughout this process.
      Special Learning's ABA-based eLearning solutions for parents make it possible for you to use the same types of tools and techniques used by professional therapists and educators in the environment that is most familiar to your child: home. Our products for you include:

      1. Mobile Applications with ongoing updates
      2. Special Learning eLearning that teaches you how to implement ABA education at home
      3. Learning Kits which are collections of products that work together using ABA methodology
      4. Enhanced Provider Listing
      5. eBooks
      6. ABA Instruction Kits
      7. Lesson Plans and Other Resources to Support ABA Instruction Kits
      8. Virtual ABA Therapy
      9. And new products under ongoing development