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Nearly 1 In 3 With Autism Have ADHD Too, Study Finds
[2013-06-07 16:18:57]

Almost one-third of children with autism also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and symptoms appear to be more severe in kids affected by both conditions, new research suggests. The findings come from a long-term study of 162 children who were tracked ...

'Sensory-Focused' Autism Therapy Shows Early Promise
[2013-06-07 16:13:26]

Smelling essential oils, walking across textured surfaces, immersing hands in warm water -- these are just some of the therapeutic experiences that boys with autism had while participating in a small new study. The scientists wanted to learn how "sensory-motor" therapy ...

Early Brain Responses to Words Predict Developmental Outcomes in Children With Autism
[2013-05-30 22:09:16]

The pattern of brain responses to words in 2-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder predicted the youngsters’ linguistic, cognitive and adaptive skills at ages 4 and 6, according to a new study.

Pesticides Linked to ADHD, Autism, IQ Scores Reduction (First of two parts)
[2013-05-29 03:27:04]

STUDIES have showed that pesticide exposure can increase the risk of neuro-behavioral disorders such as autism, ADHD, hearing loss, and intellectual impairment.

New DSM Brings Change, Assurances For Those With Autism
[2013-05-23 16:15:47]

For the first time in more than a decade, a new version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will be unveiled this weekend and with it comes major change to the way autism is diagnosed.

Low-Cost Autism Therapy Shows Promise
[2013-05-21 20:15:59]

A simple, home-based therapy that relies on sensory stimulation could make a world of difference for kids with autism, a new study suggests.

showing 49 to 54 of 288 records