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Study Finds Attention Problems Not At Issue in Autism
[2013-08-01 16:05:35]

Treatment, even the definition, of autism spectrum disorders remains a challenge for health care professionals.

New Autism Screening Technology For The BMRI
[2013-07-31 04:26:17]

Being in an MRI can be a daunting experience - confined in a tight tunnel space, remaining absolutely still, and wearing headphones to try and block out the extremely loud noise. It's not pleasant for adults, much less children.

No Link Between Prenatal Mercury Exposure And Autism, Says Long-Term Study
[2013-07-25 16:36:59]

Scientists have been concerned about the potential impact of exposure to low levels of mercury on the developing brain – specifically by women consuming fish during pregnancy – for a long time. Some have even suggested mercury might be responsible ...

Autism Study Seeks Participants at MIND Institute
[2013-07-23 15:46:08]

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute are seeking adolescents to participate in a groundbreaking brain imaging study aimed at understanding one of the most critical aspects of autism spectrum disorders: how people with autism generalize things ...

No Oxytocin Benefit For Autism
[2013-07-18 16:06:09]

The so-called trust hormone, oxytocin, may not improve the symptoms of children with autism, a large study led by UNSW researchers has found.

Doctors Discover More Clues Signalling Risk of Autism
[2013-07-16 18:37:27]

Scientists might soon have a few more tools to help spot young children at risk of autism spectrum disorder.

showing 31 to 36 of 288 records