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Large Study Links Autism to Autoimmune Disease in Mothers
[2013-08-22 17:15:38]

About one in ten women who have a child with autism have immune molecules in their bloodstream that react with proteins in the brain, according to a study published 20 August in Molecular Psychiatry.

Autistic Kids Do Better at Maths
[2013-08-20 16:25:24]

Autistic children with average IQ's do better at maths tests than non-autistic children with the same IQ, according to a new study.

Activists Raise Awareness of Autistic 'Wandering'
[2013-08-15 17:39:19]

The tragic phenomenon goes by various names — wandering, elopement, bolting — and about half of autistic children are prone to it, according to research published last year in the journal Pediatrics.

Induced Labor Linked to Raised Risk of Autism, Study Suggests
[2013-08-13 16:31:29]

Inducing or helping along labor in pregnant women may raise the risk for having a child with autism, particularly if that child is a boy, a new study suggests.

Autism Has 'Eerie' Connection to Cancer Gene
[2013-08-12 22:18:04]

“It’s eerie,” says a scientist of a newly discovered link between autism and cancer. What researchers found: A gene known as PTEN can cause a number of different cancers, including breast, thyroid, and colon; and it turns out that some ...

Smart Technology May Help Kids With Autism Learn, Communicate
[2013-08-06 15:52:18]

Study found apps on iPad, iPod made it easier for them to concentrate, show what they know.

showing 25 to 30 of 288 records