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Autism Tip: Help Your Child Better Understand Emotions
[2011-03-10 13:23:03]

Teaching your child to understand and recognize emotions involves many steps. We hope this week\'s tip makes taking those steps, a little easier.Our weekly tip series draws from our curriculum of over 1,200 video teaching steps to bring parents and ...

Interactive Game Helps Autistic Children Recognize Emotions
[2011-03-10 13:04:56]

Children with autism spectrum disorders are better able to recognize faces, facial expressions and emotions with the help of an interactive computer program called FaceSay, according to newly published research from...

Face Recognition Technology Could Aid Autism Therapy, Recognise A Child In Pain
[2011-03-10 13:04:27]

Lijun Yin wants computers to understand inputs from humans that go beyond the traditional keyboard and mouse. \"Our research in computer graphics and computer vision tries to make using computers easier,\" says the Binghamton...

Research Aims To Develop New Strategies To Restore Function In Patients Afflicted With Myelin-Based Disorders
[2011-03-10 13:03:55]

Paul Tesar, PhD, of Case Western Reserve University, a member of the inaugural class of The New York Stem Cell Foundation - Robertson Investigators, published his research on the ability to isolate epiblast stem cells from...

Michigan Lawmakers Renew Fight for Autism Coverage
[2011-03-02 14:06:51]

Michigan lawmakers are renewing efforts to require the offering of insurance coverage for certain autism treatments.

Autism in Somali Children Will Be Investigated
[2011-03-02 14:03:49]

Doctors investigate rate of Autism in Somali-American children in Minneapolis community with a high prevalence rate.

showing 283 to 288 of 288 records