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Gene Screen Reveals Altered Chemical Tags in Autism Brains
[2013-10-15 17:42:26]

One of the largest genome-wide screens of chemical tags in postmortem brains has found that people with autism have three unique regions of methylation, reports a study published 3 September in Molecular Psychiatry.

Scientists Win Nobel for Mapping Body's 'cell traffic' System
[2013-10-10 17:39:33]

Three scientists won the Nobel medicine prize on Monday for plotting how cells transfer vital materials such as hormones and brain chemicals to other cells, giving insight into diseases such as Alzheimer's, autism and diabetes.

ReAttach Therapy Breakthrough in Search for Effective Autism Treatment
[2013-10-08 18:03:45]

Practical research has pointed out that the “ReAttach therapy” can be of great importance for people with Asperger’s syndrome, PDD-NOS, autism spectrum disorder or with a mental disability and autism.

Study Finds No Link Between Celiac Disease And Autism
[2013-10-03 17:45:45]

There's no link between celiac disease and autism spectrum disorders, a nationwide study from Sweden says.

Teaching Sleep Tips to Parents Seems to Help Kids With Autism
[2013-10-01 15:56:23]

Sleep education for parents of children with autism helps improve the youngsters' behavior and quality of life, according to a new study.

What Is 'Play' to a Child With Autism?
[2013-08-27 16:05:34]

When free to choose, kids with autism pick games that engage their senses and avoid games that ask them to pretend, a new study finds.

showing 19 to 24 of 288 records