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Genetic Link Between Family Members with Autism, Language Impairment
[2013-11-05 16:43:49]

New research shows a genetic link between individuals with autism and family members with specific speech and language difficulties otherwise unexplained by cognitive or physical problems.

Prenatal Weight Gain Linked to Autism Risk
[2013-10-31 17:34:06]

Maternal prenatal weight gain is associated with an increased risk for autism spectrum disorders, but pre-pregnancy BMI is not, researchers have found.

Clinical Research: Attention Skills Delayed in Autism
[2013-10-29 23:42:38]

Children with autism learn to name objects and imitate others before they are able to engage others’ attention, a pattern opposite to that seen in typical development. They also lag behind their peers in social communication, according to a study ...

Aquatic Therapy For Autistic Children Focuses on Safety
[2013-10-24 16:04:00]

Recent studies indicate drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death in children with autism.

Video Teaching May Help Autistic Kids Hone Social Skills
[2013-10-22 16:30:09]

Researchers have developed a video-based teaching technique that could help improve important social skills in teens who have autism.

Small Deletions, Duplications of DNA May Up Autism Risk
[2013-10-17 19:36:27]

Two new studies have found more small deletions and duplications of DNA in individuals with autism than in controls. These variants may also affect the severity of the disorder.

showing 13 to 18 of 288 records