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Autism photographic competition winner
[2012-06-19 06:04:05]

A beautiful picture of a child running across the beach has won the top award in the 50th birthday photography competition of the National Autistic Society.

Autism brain samples damaged in freezer malfunction
[2012-06-13 01:48:35]

World's largest collection of autism brain samples have been damaged because of a freezer malfunction at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, The Boston Globe reports, quoting scientists involved with the program.

Foods for children with autism
[2012-06-06 14:52:12]

Studies published by Autism Speaks show that a set of biochemical pathways (methylation, transsulfration and sulfation) tend to function sub-optimally for those with autism. These pathways are involved in detoxification, heavy metal elimination, digestion, immune function and gut integrity.

Doubt Cast on Usefulness of 'Sensory' Therapies for Autism
[2012-06-01 00:33:19]

Sensory therapies using brushes, swings and other play equipment are increasingly used by occupational therapists to treat children with developmental issues such as autism, but a large pediatricians organization says there isn't much evidence that such therapies actually work.

Autism scientists search for help, for their own kids' sakes
[2012-05-23 14:38:34]

Young Kenneth has good reason to be impatient — and unusually curious about his father's work, says Pelphrey, one of the country's leading autism researchers. Two of Pelphrey's three children — Kenneth's big sister, Frances, and little brother, Lowell — ...

1 in 3 Autistic Young Adults Lack Jobs, Education
[2012-05-15 08:58:51]

One in 3 young adults with autism have no paid job experience, college or technical schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation, a study finds. That's a poorer showing than those with other disabilities including those who are mentally ...

showing 103 to 108 of 288 records