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Vitamin D May Lower Autism Risk In Children
[2012-12-21 19:05:56]

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that vitamin D helps lower the risk for the development of autism.  

Heart Drug Might Lessen Some Autism Symptoms
[2012-12-18 20:31:46]

A medication typically prescribed to control high blood pressure — commonly referred to as a water pill — may ease some of the symptoms of autism, researchers say.

Aspergers Is Gone: How 20 Years of Psychiatry Has Just Been Rewritten
[2012-12-03 23:04:47]

The first revision of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in twenty years dictates who gets treatment and how it is treated for the foreseeable future.

Car pollution linked to autism
[2012-11-27 23:30:30]

In the study, children living in areas with high levels of traffic-generated air pollution? during their first year of life were three times more likely to have autism than children living in areas with low levels.

Autism intervention "normalizes" kids' brain function in study
[2012-10-31 11:07:58]

The study found the therapy, called the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), not only boosted the cognition, language and social skills among very young children with autism but the researchers say it's the first study to show the intervention also ...

Marijuana-Like Chemical May Help Autism And Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms
[2012-09-29 02:39:36]

American and European researchers have found that increasing natural marijuana-like chemicals in the brain may help correct behavioral issues related to autism. Daniele Piomelli of UC Irvine and Olivier Manzoni of INSERM, the French national research agency, led the study, ...

showing 91 to 96 of 288 records