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Researchers Explore Why Some Kids Seem To Outgrow Autism
[2013-01-22 16:49:14]

Although rare, new research confirms that there are some children who just seem to “outgrow” autism and shed all remnants of the disorder.

New Autism-Related Gene Variants Discovered
[2013-01-15 18:54:57]

Genetics researchers have identified 25 additional copy number variations (CNVs) that occur in some patients with autism.

Gene Target Shows Promise For Autism
[2013-01-10 16:51:45]

Normalizing excessive levels of protein synthesis in the brain can partially remedy autistic-like behaviors.

New Autism Study Shows Relationship With Fear And Anxiety
[2013-01-08 20:03:55]

  A new study conducted by a BYU professor and two students shows that the severity of autism for children may be caused by fear.

Autism Bill, Other Measures Set To Take Effect
[2013-01-02 22:14:38]

One of the new laws set to take effect in Alaska will require health insurance policies to cover treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Boston Researchers Working On Blood Test For Autism
[2012-12-26 23:58:09]

  U.S. doctors are working on an experimental blood test they believe might help detect the disorder – even before symptoms begin.

showing 85 to 90 of 288 records