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Psychology Professor Provides Clues about Autism Causality through Birth Order Study
[2013-05-15 17:59:04]

More children are diagnosed with autism each year than juvenile diabetes, AIDS, and cancer combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism now affects 1 in 88 American children, prompting researchers to scramble for answers. Hoping to provide a ...

Autistic Children See Movement TWICE as Quickly as Those Without Condition
[2013-05-09 15:12:46]

Children with autism see simple movement twice as quickly as other children their age, according to a new study.

Extremes in Birth Weight Tied to Greater Risk of Autism
[2013-05-08 03:45:12]

A new study reports that babies whose growth in the womb is at either end of the extreme — either very small or very large — are at a greater risk of developing autism.

Study Debunks Lyme Disease-Autism Link
[2013-05-02 17:09:25]

A new study failed to find any evidence to back up a suggested association between Lyme disease and autism spectrum disorders.

Abnormal Placenta May Reveal Autism Risk
[2013-04-30 17:09:59]

A relatively high number of abnormal folds and cell growths in the placenta could be a strong indicator of an infant’s risk for developing autism, according to new research at the Yale School of Medicine.

Environment Interacts With Genes in Autism, Twin Study Shows
[2013-04-25 16:56:13]

Scientists have found patterns of change in gene activity involved in autism in a study that shed light on how environmental factors can work to turn certain genes on or off and contribute to the development of the brain disorder.

showing 55 to 60 of 288 records