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Our Mission and Vision

Special Learning's mission is to create solutions that positively impact the lives of every person affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) in the global market.


Special Learning exists to offer every person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) attain an abundant and fulfilling life.


Special Learning is dedicated to becoming a global leader in Autism resources and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) solutions by leveraging technology to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism, their parents and families, providers and teachers. Special Learning provides members of the global autism community with best-of-breed solutions: products, services, training, relevant information and tools to empower you to help advance individuals with autism up the skills spectrum intuitively, successfully and affordably.

We are dedicated to:
  • Developing the most effective and intuitive ABA teaching tools for the international community of individuals with ASD;

  • Using technology and other available means to help improve communication skills, life skills, academic ability, cognitive skills, emotional awareness, self-esteem, interpersonal and critical thinking skills;

  • Recognizing that parents are the ones who most actively participate in their children's education and needs, provide tools and training to allow them to take control of their child's future;

  • Providing free access to accurate, informative and easy to comprehend information about ASD and ABA which is often presented in ways that are confusing, overly-complicated, and even contradictory;

  • Generously sharing our vast, constantly growing reference center which includes up-to-date databases of BCBAs, autism service providers, other health and therapy centers and professionals, organizations and school districts; and

  • Compassionately providing an opportunity to openly share your thoughts and opinions to enlighten, inform, and educate the global community through your own personal experiences.