Literature Summaries

The ABA Literature Summary covers various topics that are helpful and informative to BCBAs, educators and even parents who prefer advanced reading about topics on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and autism spectrum disorder. Each article summary is well researched from credible sources and written by licensed BCBAs and other industry experts. It contains the latest facts and updates about different subject matters of interest.

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Elementary School Age Social Skills- ABA Literature Summary

We have summarized research on how teaching social skills and executive function skills can enhance school-aged children’s abilities to improve socialization with peers and make friends.

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Mobile Technology and Communication

This issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary discusses Mobile Technology and Communication, Mobile Technology and Mobile Technology and Video.

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This issue of the ABA Literature Summary reviews some effective interventions and strategies for decreasing or eliminating common types of stereotypy in children with autism

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This issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary issue contains vital information about Bullying, Bullying Interventions and Bullying and Inclusion

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Co-Morbid Conditions

Learn more about Co-Morbidity Rates and Types in Individuals with Autism, Specific Co-Morbid Psychiatric and Sensory Conditions in Individuals with Autism.

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Evaluating Preference Assessment Approaches

This issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary discusses Effectiveness of Preference Assessments by Stimuli and Effectiveness of Preference Assessments by Type.

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The September issue of Special Learning’s ABA Literature Summary talks about the topic of Behavior for individuals on the Autism spectrum. Learn more about general Interventions, Assessing Challenging Behavior and Interventions for SIB.

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Popular Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Individuals with Autism Spectrum

This ABA literature summary provides information on treatments that have been empirically researched, as well as treatments that have been shown to result in little to no effect.

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Sensory Processing Difficulties of Individuals with ASD

This ABA Literature Summary issue contains vital information about Sensory Processing Difficulties, Sensory Assessments for Individuals with Autism and Sensory-Based Interventions for Individuals with Autism.

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Teaching Tools for Children with Autism

The issue of Special Learning's ABA Literature Summary has been written to provide an overview of how various teaching tools such as Video Modeling and Video Prompting and active student responding can assist children

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