Managing Autism Journey - Funding

Special Learning is committed to providing children and parents the latest and most reliable resources, easy to use tools, databases, apps and products that will help in life's journey with a child diagnosed with autism. Special Learning's Managing Autism Journey aims to improve the quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families by guiding them every step of the way.

The Managing Autism Journey is divided into three stages:

Diagnosis - Funding - Treatment

Funding is the second stage in the Managing Autism Journey. This stage offers a comprehensive step-by- step guide for parents like you in obtaining adequate funding for your diagnosed child's treatments and care. Special Learning understands the financial strain of having a child within the spectrum, which is why the Funding stage of Managing Autism Journey is presented in an easy to follow format, providing you with significant information minus the complicated jargon.

Step 1 - Organizing Funding Plans
We believe that being well informed about the financial aspects of your child's disorder will enable you to make wise choices regarding your funding plans. This first step of the Funding stage is full of information on how you may prepare and organize the funding needs of your child's treatments and care.

Step 2 - Knowing Your Funding Sources
One of the most crucial parts of preparing your funding is knowing where to get it. This step will guide you by providing you with options of getting the financial assistance you may need for your child.

Step 3 - Funding For Special Cases (Military)
Information about getting funding for diagnosed children with parents serving in the military.

Step 4 - Preparing Your Application
We provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to preparing your applications for the intensive funding process.

Step 5 - Funding and Providers
Know all about the kinds of funding you are entitled to including which services can be extended to your child with special needs.

Step 6 - Budgeting
Know the costs you need to prepare for regarding ensuring your child's proper care and treatments. You may also find options and alternatives to help keep costs down, making them more manageable for your family's finances.