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What ABA credentials certify people as Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists?
There are three widely recognized credentials: BcaBA, BCBA-D and BCBA. You can receive these credentials if you hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field and are attending relevant classes.

Are there any Applied Behavior Analysis online trainings or materials available?
Yes, there are different online courses or short programs one can take in order to train to be knowledgeable in the different techniques in applied behavior analysis. As with everything, prices vary depending on what type of program you are interested in. There are also materials such as DVD’s, eBooks and audiotapes in aiding you on how to use ABA techniques.

Can you use more than one ABA technique at the same time?
Yes, it is possible. A good example would be using video modeling to teach a child how to brush his or her teeth and using positive reinforcement to tell the child he or she imitated the video well.

Will the fluency building method help with my child?
Studies show that the fluency building techniques have worked for most children when parents and educators, consistently maintain the program.

What kind of progress can we expect with fluency building?
Fluency building can take time as with any therapy. The sooner the child picks up on the steps to specific functions, the better the progress.

How is the Lovaas Model different from the other methods used to treat children diagnosed with autism?
The Lovaas model has the most extensive research of all treatment methods used on children with autism. It\\\'s covered by over forty years of research and the end results show a high degree of positive outcomes.

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showing 1 to 6 of 38 records