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Do all children with autism need to be sedated when having a dental procedure done?
No, not all children diagnosed with autism need to go under sedation when having a dental procedure done. Sedation is recommended for those children who are highly anxious and apprehensive. Children who are capable of cooperating, communication and understanding may be done without sedation as long as the risk of accidental injuries during the procedure is not a concern.

Why does my child need to refrain from eating anything 6 to 8 hours prior to the sedation?
The nothing per orem (NPO) or nothing by mouth diet is prescribed for a child who is undergoing dental sedation because the aspiration or reflux of gastric contents during the procedure needs to be avoided.

Is it possible to toilet train my child who has autism disability?

Yes, most if not all, children affected by autism are capable of toilet training. The process just takes longer than usual since autism usually renders your child with difficulties in communicating and focusing.

How do I wean my child from visual cues or verbal prompts regarding toilet training?

With visual cues, you can gradually change them from specific pictures to more general ones until the time when you can totally remove them.

What was the popular misconception about the cause of autism in the 1950’s?
Autism was believed to be caused by lack of parental care and child trauma. However, later it was proved that biological disorders were responsible for the cause rather than poor parenting.

What’s the significance of language regression in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorders?
The term autism used to describe a number of developmental conditions that are characterized by verbal communication problems, among others. Autism and communication difficulties often go hand in hand.

showing 1 to 6 of 76 records