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What’s the importance of non-engaged communication in autism diagnosis?
Although the signs of autism vary widely, nearly every affected child will have some difficulties with both verbal and non-engaged communication. There are some non-engaged communication signs that can warn you before a baby starts developing verbal communication. This helps in making an early diagnosis for proper intervention.

What should I look for when assessing for autism?
It is important to understand that an early diagnosis of autism does not involve the presence of abnormal behaviors as much as the absence of normal ones. But it is important to be observant of your child\'s developmental progress in areas such as communication, social interaction and motor skills.

So what should I do if I suspect Autism in my child?
Observe the child carefully every day and note how he/she responds to different stimuli, including eye contact.

What problems do people with autism face in relation to mimicry?
They find it difficult to control when to mimic and when not to. In some instances, they fail to mimic at all while in others they mimic excessively, such as in echopraxia or echolalia.

What is echolalia?
Basically, echolalia is the repetition of words and/or phrases spoken by another person almost like a parrot.

Where else can I find support for my child with autism regarding the transition to adulthood?
There are many support groups and institutions such as, and that are ready to help with any concerns you and your child may have about the transition from childhood to adulthood.

showing 25 to 30 of 290 records