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What is IDEA?
IDEA or the Individuals With Disabilities Acts specifies that all children with disabilities are legally entitled to an early intervention or special education services, provided that they meet the state’s criteria for disability.

What are the rights of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder?
The law requires every state to provide free public schooling for every child’s unique needs, including those within the autism spectrum disorder.

What’s the significance of language regression in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorders?
The term autism used to describe a number of developmental conditions that are characterized by verbal communication problems, among others. Autism and communication difficulties often go hand in hand.

Is language regression only found among children with autism?

No. However, the type of regression that comes after normal development is unique to autism.

How does the language regression occur in children with Autism?
Language regression usually takes place gradually. Children with autism take longer to learn new words, in addition to the fact that they will stop engaging in the communication routines they had learned prior. The regression takes place when the children are still in the process of learning new words, when their expressive vocabularies are still relatively limited.

What should your application folder for funding contain?
You need to have all the information that is required to submit an application for funds. You may require information on the essential treatments for your child along with the cost of the treatments. You will need to find out if your insurance company will pay for these costs. You should also check if you meet all the criteria for the fund application.

showing 19 to 24 of 290 records