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What was the popular misconception about the cause of autism in the 1950’s?
Autism was believed to be caused by lack of parental care and child trauma. However, later it was proved that biological disorders were responsible for the cause rather than poor parenting.

What’s the work of an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist?
An Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist uses ABA principles to treat children with autism or teaches others to take care of them.

What ABA credentials certify people as Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists?
There are three widely recognized credentials: BcaBA, BCBA-D and BCBA. You can receive these credentials if you hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field and are attending relevant classes.

Where can you use your ABA skills?
You can work at a social service organization, consulting firm, school, or independently in the following areas:
1. Treating children with autism.
2. Teaching parents of children with autism how to apply the ABA approach at home.
3. Teaching ABA techniques in colleges.
4. Workplace setting dealing with employee performance

What are Irlen Lenses?

Irlen lenses are colored lenses or filters that help to reduce sensitivity to colors, light and patterns in children with autism.

What should you know before applying for funds for autism?
You need to know if you can meet the criteria and items in the checklist of the fund provider.

showing 13 to 18 of 290 records