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Is it possible to toilet train my child who has autism disability?

Yes, most if not all, children affected by autism are capable of toilet training. The process just takes longer than usual since autism usually renders your child with difficulties in communicating and focusing.

How do I wean my child from visual cues or verbal prompts regarding toilet training?

With visual cues, you can gradually change them from specific pictures to more general ones until the time when you can totally remove them.

Can abnormal speech patterns be used to diagnose autism?
Yes. Some of the major characteristics of autism are abnormal speech patterns. Children with autism are often non-verbal when initially diagnosed. Any present speech is usually highly deviant and of limited communicative function.

How are the abnormal speech patterns characterized?
The speech of many children with autism appears abnormal and is often described as machine-like, “monotonic,” or “sing-song.” They may also use irregular intonation, pitch, pace, rhythm and articulation.

What are some of the speech problem areas associated with Autism?
A number of abnormal speech patterns in autism have been identified, including echolalia, pronoun reversal, metaphorical language, poor grammatical structure, atonality and arrhythmia.

Children with autism don’t have the ability to show affection for others. Is this true?

To some degree it is true. It depends on the severity of a child’s autism. Some children whose autism enables them to function well in society are able to show affection and understand other’s feelings but some children are really lacking.

showing 7 to 12 of 290 records