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Preparing a child with autism for sports using therapeutic techniques
The use of therapeutic techniques such as Video Modeling and Social Stories can help preparing the child for the game he chose to be involved in. Informing the child of the sequence of events that will happen during the actual day of game would help eliminate the element of surprise that can overwhelm the child and cause him or her to lose focus.

Non-Profit Organization
The National Autism Association is one such non-profit organization.

National Autism Association\'s goal
The National Autism Association\'s aim is to develop the children’s potential to the maximum capacity.

ACT Today!
ACT Today! is a funding organization which actively promotes awareness about autism treatments.

Variation in fund application criteria
The fund application criteria may vary from one grant provider to another.

Interventions for children diagnosed with autism
There are several interventions for children diagnosed with autism that can save families thousands of dollars. Some of which are DIR/Floortime, Relationship Development Intervention, Social and Stories, Pointing, Video Modelling and Picture Exchange Communication System.

showing 49 to 54 of 218 records