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Dental requirement for professional practice
Pediatric dentists should have an active license given by the state board to practice his or her profession in your particular state.

Behavior Management techniques used by dentitsts
Pediatric dentists are trained to use behavior management techniques that combine good communication dialogues, facial expressions and voice tone in order to gain your child’s cooperation.

Papoose Board Description
A Papoose board is a board used to stabilize your child during a procedure and restrain the child’s limbs to prevent injury to themselves, the dental staff or equipment.

Sports as an autism therapy
One form of therapy for a child with developmental disability is sports. Allowing the child to participate in fun games will pave the way for new life experiences and at the same time further enrich motor, communication and coordination skills.

Karate lessons as a good sports therapy for children with autism
Karate lessons are a good example of a sport for the child diagnosed with autism. It involves focusing on a set of poses that can be viewed by the child as a routine.

Definition of Routine
A routine can be defined as something that is done over and over again, maybe at the same time and in the same order.

showing 43 to 48 of 218 records