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Definition of Transition Planning
Transition planning is a term used when you, as a parent, and your child set up a plan on how your child will deal with the upcoming life decisions he or she will encounter during their adult years.

IEP conncention with IDEA
An Individualized Education Program or commonly referred to as an IEP, is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA

The Broken Mirror Hypothesis
The ‘broken mirror’ hypothesis states that children diagnosed with autism have problems in the mirror neuron system, which is the main cause of the social disability.

Importance of Mirror Neuron System (MNS)
The mirror neuron system also has important social function and imitation tasks have been shown to activate it. It is beleived to be responsible for understanding other people\'s actions. In Autism, this helps in learning new skills.

Mimicry problems in children with autism
While autistic children perform relatively well in emulation tasks, they tend to have problems with mimicry tasks.

Difference of General Dentists from Pediatric Dentists
Pediatric dentists differ from general dentists for the reason that they are professionally trained to handle children. They are knowledgeable in behavior management techniques that will help ease your child’s fears and anxieties.

showing 37 to 42 of 218 records