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Onset of language regression
The regression takes place when the children are still in the process of learning new words, when their expressive vocabularies are still relatively limited.

Direct costs coverage
Direct costs include treatment, medication and hospitalization costs, among others.

Examples of InDirect Cost
Indirect costs include such things as the child’s education and treatment for comorbid conditions.

Autism Management
One of the important steps in the proper management of autism is making an early diagnosis.

Variation in autism signs
Although the signs of autism vary widely, nearly every affected child will have some problems with both verbal and non-engaged communication.

Role of Parents in Autism diagnosis
Given the fact that early detection is important, parents play a very important role in the diagnosis of autism. Parents are responsible for keenly observing their child at home and in the community setting and have their child assessed by a specialist. They are also responsible for duly informing their child\'s specialist of these observations.

showing 31 to 36 of 218 records