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Autism as a biological problem
In the later years of 1960’s, studies proved that autism was not caused by poor parent but it was a biological problem.

Perceptual Differences in A Child With Autism
Perceptual difficulties like sensitivity to light, colors and patterns may be experienced by a child with autism.

Genetic problem in children with autism
Sensory problems may be a genetic problem.

Spectrum of light requirement
The particular spectrum of light that needs to be filtered depends on the child’s requirement.

Definition of Least Restrictive Environment
Least Restrictive Environment or LRE is about your child’s right to go into a mainstream school.

Success of the LRE program
The LRE program can be successful by putting a child with autism in a special accommodation or provide a “shadow teacher” or assistant that has experience with children with disabilities.

showing 19 to 24 of 218 records