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Travel for Children with Autism
Traveling is stressful for both parents and children with autism alike, bur it doesn’t have to be traumatizing.

Planning for Air Travel with a child with Autism
Planning ahead of time and covering all bases such as, flight bookings, accommodations, emergency plans can aid in making your trip enjoyable and less stressful.

Airline bookings for children with Autism
Contact airlines and inquire about their disability assistance options. Inform them of your child’s special needs such as seat assignments and food preferences.

Pediatric clearance for Air Travel
Visit your pediatrician and make sure your child is fit enough for travel. Also make sure that you ask for proper documentations/prescriptions on medications your child with autism needs to bring so that unwanted questioning regarding the medications will be avoided.

Preparing for Air Travel with a child with Autism
Prepare your child for the plane ride by using different techniques such as making use of social stories to familiarize your child with the process he or she will go through during the actual day of travel.

Using Picture cards in preparation for travelling with a child with Autism
The use of picture cues/picture cards such as a picture/photograph of an airplane, a pilot, a flight attendant, a conveyer belt may help your child be introduced to the new sights he is to see.

showing 127 to 132 of 218 records