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Duration of RDI
The program usually starts with a one hour session with the consultant once a week. This may either increase or decrease over the course of time, depending on the progress the child makes. Eventually, when the child is ready, introduction to peers or groups will be made and fewer consultant visits will be required.

When taking RDI into consideration as a therapy for the child, keep in mind that this is not a short-term process. Of course, each child and family is different so results vary, but immediate results are normally observed.

Social Stories
Social Stories are short stories that help in making your child understand a specific situation. It helps your child recognize the appropriate behavior for the situation.

Introduction of Social Stories
Social stories is a form of therapy that was introduced by Carol Gray in 1991.

First person point of view in social stories
A social story is always written in the first person point of view and in present tense.

Social Stories frequency
Social stories may need to be constantly read with your child until he or she has familiarized himself/herself enough to remember the story without reading it.

Social Stories essentials
Social stories should match your child’s level of comprehension and vocabulary in order to appropriately work and give good outcome.

showing 43 to 48 of 77 records