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Skill breakdwon in Lovaas Method
The Lovaas method breaks down skills into manageable sizes and uses those skills to let the child learn from what occurs naturally in their environment.

Dr. O Ivar Lovaas
The late Dr. O Ivar Lovaas was an autism expert who devoted his time and profession to improving the lives and families of children with autism.

Early Intervention in Lovaas Method
Early intervention can help a child diagnosed with autism achieve normal educational and intellectual functions before they reach the age of seven.

Differentiating Behavior in children with autism
Children with autism should be taught the difference of good and bad behavior with the use of the different therapeutic ABA techniques.

Comprehensive DTT Program
The following skills training are part of a comprehensive DTT program:

Stimulus Control
Cause-Effect Learning and Observational Learning
Perspective Taking and Understanding of Social and Behavioral Expectations

Parts of a DTT:
There are 4 parts to a DTT, with a 5th optional part, namely:

Discriminative Stimulus
Prompting Stimulus
Reinforcing stimulus
Inter-Trial Interval

showing 37 to 42 of 77 records