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Communication skills with SCERTS
It helps a child despite the child’s verbal or nonverbal abilities.

Adaptablity of SCERTS
It adapts to the requirements of different social circumstances and locations.

SCERTS evaluation
It has a well-planned evaluation program.

Duration of Lovaas Method
A typical therapy session under the Lovaas Method lasts two to three hours. There are three to five minutes allotted to explain a task which is followed by the same allotted time for the child\'s free play.

Break period in Lovaas Method
Every therapy session in the Lovaas Method will have a ten to fifteen minute break after each hour. Free play and breaks are used to reinforce incidental teaching or to practice any learned skills in new environments.

Lovaas Method system
The Lovaas method uses a systematic transfer of skills to allow the child to interact with natural environments.

showing 31 to 36 of 77 records