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Hours needed for ABA therapy
A child needs 35 to 40 hours of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy every week in order for the approach to be effective at improving the child’s IQ levels and interpersonal skills.

Definition of Task Analysis
Task Analysis is a process wherein the task is broken down into segments so that the parts can be taught in any sequence.

Definition of Chaining
Chaining is breaking down a previously broken down task into detailed actions.

Types of Differential Reinforcement
Differential Reinforcement includes positive reinforcement, in which the trainer gives praise and encouragement for every correct behavior performed by the child, and negative reinforcement in which the trainer uses the word “no” and firmly implements it.

AVB and ABA structural pattern
Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB) follows the same structural pattern as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with only slight variances.

Definition of Mimicry
Mimicry or Echoing is a way for children with autism to apply verbal and conversation techniques.

showing 19 to 24 of 77 records