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Use of Reward System in ABA Therapy
An ABA therapist uses a reward system to reinforce both behavioral and social skills.

Certification Requirements to Be An ABA Therapist
You need a degree in such relevant fields as psychology, Early Childhood Education or Counseling to be certified as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist.

ABA Courses
There are different ABA courses depending on different levels of education.

ABA Credentials
There are three widely recognized ABA credentials: BcaBA, BCBA-D and BCBA.

BsaBA And BSBA Pre-requisites
You can receive these credentials if you hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are attending relevant classes. BcaBA requires a bachelor’s degree while BCBA requires a master’s degree.

Coursework Completion for ABA Training
ABA training usually requires the completion of coursework in Social Science, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Computer, and Science.

showing 7 to 12 of 77 records